Man-In-The-Middle Attacks Morph to Include Wire Fraud

When we think of man in the middle attacks, we think of rogue hackers setting up access points in restaurants and coffee shops to intercept the signals of innocent patrons reading emails, online shopping, and checking social media. But the concept allows for more high-end corporate fraud than some might have thought possible.

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Why Everyone Should Consider A Security Freeze

Brian Krebs has frequently urged readers to place a security freeze on their credit files as a means of proactively preventing identity theft. Now, a major consumer advocacy group is recommending the same: The U.S. Public Interest Research Group recently issued a call for all consumers to request credit file freezes before becoming victims of ID theft.Continue Reading…


Big Brother 2.0: 160,000 Facebook Pages are Hacked a Day – by New York Post

We all know Big Brother is watching. But few of us realize to what extent.
Some things you might not know: Your smart TV is probably watching you watch it. Your office photocopier is recording everything you duplicate. Your smartphone can identify you by the way you walk, the way you hold it, and may also be recording you. Continue Reading…