Twitter Hack Attack?

Twitter revealed that a minor data breach attack is under an investigation.  A bug in one of Twitter’s support forms was being misused to access and steal users’ exposed information.

Account Support Vulnerability

The support form was used as a help center for Twitter users to contact the social network about issues with their account.  In mid-November, the vulnerability was discovered from the support of an API bug.  

Twitter Hack Attack Data Breach Cybersecurity News

The support form API bug exposed less personal information such as the country code of the users’ phone numbers that were associated with their Twitter account.  The bug also detected whether the users’ account has been locked.

Twitter said that it detected the attack on November 15 when it “observed a large number of inquiries coming from individual IP addresses located in China and Saudi Arabia.”

The Hack

The attack appeared to have targeted Twitter’s support form, which the API bug vulnerability was used to the cybercriminals’ advantage. 

Twitter Hack Attack Data Breach Cybersecurity News

The attackers obtained user information including their IP addresses, account’s phone number country code, and if the account had been locked — everything hacker would need to determine a user’s country of origin, mapping accounts to specific geographical zones.

“We are providing this broader notice as it is possible that other account holders we cannot identify were potentially impacted,” Twitter announced.

Twitter Hack Attack Data Breach Cybersecurity News

The social network had their engineers fix the vulnerability the next day on November 16th.  Since detecting the attack, Twitter has investigated which accounts have been impacted and notified those users. A broad notice was released and the law enforcement was notified. 

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