IG Hacked instagram social media password leaked exposed

Your IG Password Might Be On The Loose!

Your favorite app to share photos and see other people’s cool snaps might have leaked your password!  That’s right, Instagram accidentally exposed some users’ passwords in plaintext.

Download Your Data

Instagram recently solved a vulnerability which caused a major security issue, revealing passwords of user accounts without any sort of encryption or hash.  A security bug that resided in a feature called Download Your Data, allowing users to download a copy of their Instagram history such as photos, comments, posts, as well as other information.

Security Bug & Password Revealing

As a precaution of preventing unauthorized people from accessing IG accounts, the feature requests users to reconfirm their password before the download begins.

IG Hacked Password Leaked Prilock CYber Security Awareness Training

However, those who have retrieved their Instagram history through Download Your Data, might have had their password in plaintext visible on the Download feature URL as well as stored on Facebook servers — all due to a security bug.

Instagram Patched Security IssueInstagram leaked password

According to Instagram, the data has been deleted from the servers owned by Facebook, their parent company, and the tool has been updated to resolve the issue, which affected a small number of people.

Victims of this password compromise should change their password as soon as they are notified by the photo-sharing service.  IG recommends that affected users should also delete their Instagram history as a precaution.

Users who are concerned about Instagram’s Exposure should put their minds at ease by also changing their passwords and setting up two-factor authentication to keep their accounts secure.

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