A Password Manager Keeps Your Accounts More Secure

Each account you have -whether its Instagram, your bank, email address- should have a unique password that secures it. If someone gets your password to one account, they wouldn’t have access to the Holy Grail to all your accounts! The only problem is… how do you remember all your unique passwords?

Password Manager

Here at Prilock, we recommend our users to keep their accounts safe and secure with strong, exclusive passwords.  The average person has about 8 to 15 Security Password Manager LastPass Prilock Secure Trainingdifferent accounts — how do you ensure you remember all your different passwords?

With a password manager, your passwords will be organized by account.  LastPass, Dash Lane, Keeper Security, are just some of many password managers that are securely stored, ready for you when you need it.


People tend to keep a notebook of passwords or put them on sticky notes near the computer, but that just makes it easier for someone else to gain access to your accounts.password easy security

By creating an account with LastPass, all you have to do is remember one master password to enter your vault.  Install the browser extension to assist you

lastpass cybersecurity

in capturing credentials, accessing your vault, and general helping you throughout the day.  There’s even an app to assist you on your phone and tablet.


What we like about LastPass is that your data is secured with military and bank-level encryption and decrypted as needed.first-national-round-vault-door-open

By putting your passwords on autopilot, they will autosave and autofill as you go about your online navigation.  LastPass can even generate long, extremely difficult passwords that you’ll never need to remember.

Another great feature of LastPass is Secure Notes where you can put information like your Social Security Number, Wifi password, or car insurance. You can store credit card information and address that will autofill as you make your purchases online.

lastpass vault cybersecurity security education trainingWith LastPass’s Security Challenge, you can see where you stand with the passwords you already have.  It’s a quick and easy way to audit your passwords, duplicate, old, and potentially breached passwords so you can see how secure your online footprint is.

Here’s a great video on how to use LastPass and manage a password vault.

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