british airlines security breach

UPDATE: British Airways Security Breach

British Airways was first compromised in April, believing all that was exposed was payment card information as well as personal details for 380,000 customers.  We are now notified there is a total of  429,000 data breach victims.

Individuals who purchased a ticket or changed their ticket using British Airway’s website or app between August 21 to Septemeber 5 are victims of this data breach.

After working with a digital forensic specialist at the U.K.’s National Crime Agency to further investigate what occurred, it was found that the hack began earlier than believed.

An additional 185,000 customers between April 21 to July 28 may have also been impacted. There are an additional 77,000 payment card holders who are now notified that their payment card information, including card number, expiry date, CVV, name, billing address, and email address may have been compromised.

“Since the announcement on Sept. 6, 2018 British Airways, can confirm that it has had no verified cases of fraud,” the company states.

British Airways clarified that no payment card data or personal information was exposed for 136,000 individuals as they overestimated part of the initial breach report.

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