Prilock Security Awareness Training

Prilock’s 1-Click Security Awareness Training Setup

Prilock’s 1-Click option is designed to help smaller companies or those without full-time IT Support quickly and easily set up a comprehensive full-year Security Awareness Training and Phish Testing campaign.  The result is your users receive a best in class Security Awareness Training and 27 monitored phish tests with full real-time reporting. 

“Our 1- Click feature is so simple it deploys a full year of training in less than one minute after uploading your employee details. One click of the mouse and your training is set for an entire year.”

Bea Camarena, Prilock Support Specialist

1-Click Secures your company and meets Security Training Mandates

After uploading your users, select the 1-Click option to:

  • Schedule a 3-Day Baseline Phish Test to establish a starting vulnerability benchmark for your  company
  • Schedule and automatically invite your users to a  Security Awareness Training
  • Automatically schedule 24 additional random phishing tests for the year

Administrator Reports

The administrator receives a full report at the end of each scheduled campaign and a  comprehensive report at the end of each month. This report includes details on Phish Test such as time delivered, links clicked, opened attachments, macros enabled, and credential data entered in websites. Real-time analytics are available on your Dashboard by simply logging in.

Security Awareness Training That Changes User Behaviors

After the 3-Day Baseline Phish Test, the system automatically invites and manages your user’s security awareness training.   Each user will receive a welcome email with a custom activation link to the training.  If the user doesn’t register their account in three days, the system will send them a reminder email every three days until they do. And if a user starts their training but doesn’t finish it, they get a reminder notice every 5 days to finish the training and their assessment.

At the same time the system sets up the Security Awareness Training, it will schedule 24 additional Phish Test emails for the next 12 months.  The system will vary the start date each month, so the Phish Test is not predictable and it will increase the difficulty of the phish over the length of the campaigns.

Additional Training

For those users who have high clicking rates after reaching a threshold of three clicks in any one category – clicking links, downloading attachments, enabling macros, or entering data,  the system will automatically enroll these users in a two to three-minute injection training video to help them recognize the “Hacker Tells” to avoid those tricks in the future.

Prilock’s 1-Click feature sets up everything for the administrator while educating users to avoid online threats and protect sensitive data.