Hacked Data Breach HealthCare.Gov

HealthCare.Gov Breach Exposes Data of 75,000 People

All it takes is one wrong click to give a hacker access to sensitive data.  In this case, sensitive data of 75,000 people were compromised in this HealthCare.Gov data breach.

Government System Hacked

A government computer system was infiltrated earlier this month.  As the system was connected with HealthCare.Gov, confidential data of 75,000 people were exposed.

The Centers for Medicare

An announcement was made conveniently in the late afternoon, right before the weekend began.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stated that the hacked system was shut down until the technicians restore it, hopefully before November 1st when the Affordable Care Act for health care coverage begins.

There are still about 10 million people currently under former President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Consumers applying for subsidized coverage have to provide extensive personal information, including Social Security numbers, income, and citizenship or legal immigration status.

Details of the Breach

The vulnerability was through the insurance and broker agent portal to directly enroll customers.  Other than that, all other sign-up systems are working properly.

The spokesman for the Centers for Medicare, Johnathan Monroe informed the public that nothing occurred to the HealthCare.gov website used by the general public. “This concerns the agent and broker portal, which is not accessible to the general public.”

The federal law enforcement has been notified.  The 75,000 affected customers will be cautioned about this data beach and offered credit protection.

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