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35 Million US Voter Recorders Sold on Dark Web

19 states that had voter recorders being sold on the Dark Web, consisting of 35 million US citizens records!  The hacker is selling this information such as full names, phone numbers, and addresses on the Dark Web.

The two companies said they’ve reviewed a sample of the database records and determined the data to be valid with a “high degree of confidence.”

“To our knowledge this represents the first reference on the criminal underground of actors selling or distributing lists of 2018 voter registration data,” said security researchers from Anomali Labs and Intel471.

The voter records that were being sold on the hacking forums included details such as full name, phone numbers, physical addresses, voting history, and other voting-related information.

Some states consider this information as public data, but other states do not have this policy.

The supposed data comes from 19 US states. The list and pricing, as advertised by the hacker himself, has been put on sale on the Dark Web:

  • Montana – $1000
  • Louisiana – $5000 (3 Million Voters)
  • Iowa – $1100
  • Utah – 1100
  • Oregon – $500
  • South Carolina – $2500
  • Wisconsin – $12500 (6 Million Voters)
  • Kansas – $200
  • Georgia – $250
  • New Mexico – $4000
  • Minnesota – $150
  • Wyoming – $500
  • Kentucky – $2000
  • Idaho – $1000
  • Tennessee – $2500
  • South Dakota – $2500
  • Mississippi – $1100
  • West Virginia – $500
  • Texas – $1300$ (14 Million Voters)

For all 19 databases, the hacker is asking for $42,200.

“We estimate that the entire contents of the breach could exceed 35 million records,” said Anomali Labs researchers.

The hacker behind this scheme may still have access to the compromised servers or receives updates through other means since on the ad it states that  “data is refreshed each Monday of every week.”

“Certain states require the seller to personally travel to locations in-state to receive the updated voter information. This suggests the breach is not necessarily a technical compromise but rather an extensive operation involving cooperation within the election organizations,” the Anomali Labs team pointed out.

On the Dark Web, the most popular topic is updated 2018 voter records.  Some hackers pooled their funds together to buy one or more databases.

“At the time of this report, the first of 19 available voter databases, Kansas, has been acquired and published,” Anomali Labs said. “A second crowdfunding project, voted by forum members to select the next state, is close to 20.7% of its funding goal. Oregon currently leads the voting for the second state to be published.”

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