Facebook Hacked Guide to Help Users Secure Digital Lives

How to Secure Your Digital Life After the Facebook Hack

“When Facebook Gets Hacked, Everyone Gets Hacked.” Affecting about 50 million users, hackers gained access to third-party apps and websites through users’ Facebook login.  Here’s how you can secure your digital life.

Hackers obtained access tokens when they infiltrated the system.  These tokens allow them to log into Facebook accounts as well as third-party accounts such as Airbnb, Spotify, as well as Uber.

How can users secure their digital lives?

To support you during this time, here are some guidelines to help you secure and protect yourself:

  • Conduct a device audit to find out if anyone has improperly accessed your Facebook account by reviewing your login history under “Settings” on Facebook. If you see any that you do not recognize, you can remove that device from being logged in.
  • Reset your password to one that is unique and not used on any of your other sites or apps.
  • Enable two-factor authentication so that if someone obtains your password, they can’t log into your account without the second security code.
  • Check which sites and apps use Facebook for login. Even though Facebook has since announced that third-party sites using Facebook logins were not hacked, it’s still smart to decouple your logins for the most security.
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