Netflix Phish Scam

Phish Alert! Netflix Scam To Beware

Can you imagine? Seeing an email from Netflix stating that there was an issue with your account, and until you update your information your account is.. suspended?! Of course, you’d click the link to prevent any interruption to your binge-watching plans later tonight, but oh no.. you were just successfully phished!

Netflix Phish Attack

There have been an increased amount of fake Netflix emails, bringing user’s attention to their accounts.  These emails are begging users to click a link that would take them to what appears to be a Netflix site.  Hackers create phishing websites designed to look real in order to trick users into revealing their Netflix credentials as well as payment details.

These phish emails begin by claiming that there’s an issue with your account or that your Netflix account has been suspended.  The email will ask the recipient to update their account information by following a link.

Once the user completes “updating” their account information, they are taken to the real Netflix home page, keeping the victim none the wiser.

Why Netflix?

Netflix is the largest video streaming service in the world, serving 130 million subscribers.  Being this widely spread along with many users is a goldmine for phishing scammers, knowing that most of the individuals receiving their phish have a Netflix account.  Whether the user falls for the hacker’s tricks is another story.  These threat artists use poor spelling and improper grammar in their phish emails.

The cyber criminals don’t stop there.  Their phish website obtains a victims payment details, billing address, and Netflix credentials.  This information is then put up for sale on the Dark Web.  As most people use the same email-password combination for multiple sites, hackers try these stolen credentials on other accounts.

Netflix Protection Tips

As Netflix’s growing popularity throughout the years made its users easy targets of phish attacks.  Netflix provides the following tips to help customers keep their accounts secure:

  • Use a password unique to Netflix and change it periodically
  • Be aware of possible phishing attempts
  • Keep your computer safe with security software
  • Report fraudulent or suspicious activity
  • Sign out of unused devices
  • Report security flaws to Netflix