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British Airways Security Breach

“The World’s Favorite Airline” British Airways has confirmed a data breach, compromised personal information and credit-card numbers of up to 380,000 customers.

Who was Impacted?

Between August 21st to the 5th of September, customers who booked flights on or through the mobile app of British Airways had their information exposed.

Those impacted by the breach were told by the airline to “contact their banks or credit card providers and follow their recommended advice.”

Disclosed Personal Information

The 15 day period of compromised information leaked personal details including customers’ names, addresses, and financial information.

“We are investigating, as a matter of urgency, the theft of customer data from our website and our mobile app,” the company said in a statement. “The stolen data did not include travel or passport details.”

British Airways noted that passport numbers, travel details, and saved payment cards were not compromised.  Only the cards that were used in the timeframe to make booking payments were exposed.

Data Breach? Or Data Theft?

It was confirmed that 380,000 payment cards were disclosed, but the statement did not reveal the number of affected customers.  It was also unclear how the data breach happened.

Some media outlets have proclaimed that a third party noticed some suspicious activity and alerted British Airlines.  Other sources said that “this is data theft, rather than a breach,” implying that someone with privileged access to data may have stolen it.

British Airways confirmed that the security breach has been resolved.  The website and app are now working properly and safe to book and manage flight information.

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