Top 10 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Ethical Hacking Course Online

If you are using the Youtube then most probably you would look after for the entertaining videos only but in case you feel and use Youtube as the source of learning then also there are many channels for that purpose. For the geeks who wish to learn up the ethical hacking through the Youtube videos, there are many different channels but from all these channels choosing the best would be difficult enough. To help you in that we have listed the 10 best Youtube channels for learning ethical hacking online, just go and check these out!

Top 10 Best Youtube Channels for Learning Ethical Hacking Course Online

Below is list of Youtube channels that help you learn ethical hacking online.

#1 Ethical Hacking Tutorial -Just Programming

Learn programming techniques to hack various accounts, secure credentials, networks etc. through the videos on this Youtube channel. This channel contains many videos regarding that only and therefore you could likely get to know about many different hacking techniques.

#2 Vivek Ramachandran

This channel made by the Vivek Ramachandran is aimed to provide the tech geeks all around the world the knowledge of hacking skills, techniques in free of cost just through the video content. Greatly popular on the Youtube, this channel has attracted lots of subscribers as well.

#3 Penetration Testing Linux

Using the Linux Environment or the platform, learn the language or the programming techniques or some other techniques through which you could easily hack the networks, websites, accounts, etc.- easily. But the main motive of these hacking techniques is to check out the penetration level for any secure network, accounts, etc.

#4 Open Security Training

Another Youtube channel made for the purpose of providing the users with the best possible hacking tricks, techniques etc. Users need to go through the Youtube videos on this channel and they could possibly find the everything they wanted to know.

The reason this Youtube channel is so popular among users is the quality and the slickly captured videos that delivers the highest amount of the knowledge to the viewers.

#6 Ethical Hacking Tutorial

As the name of the Youtube channel suggests, this one is specially meant for the only purpose of providing the users with the numerous numbers of hacking tutorials. Through these tutorials from the videos, one could learn some amazing tricks and methods that could also be applied, and side by side some hidden knowledge about the working of that method is also delivered.

#7 CEH v8

Certified Ethical Hacker Full Training:  Iif you want a CEH Ethical hacking examination after which you shall be provided with a government approved certificate as a hacker, then this Youtube channel would be the must for you. Just get all the all hacking related knowledge from the short videos through this channel on Youtube and you might get a great result on your exam.

#8 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Kali Linux) Bhargav Tandel

Using the Kali Linux OS, how do you do some amazing hacking tricks, hack accounts, networks,  and how could you test up to the security of some software, website etc? The answer to this question could be found on this amazing Youtube channel where you would see lots of videos that make you learn all those things!

#9 Thenewboston

This is amazingly popular Youtube Channel where you could learn the Coding languages, programming etc but side by side it also provides some cool tutorials regarding how anyone can hack the networks, accounts etc just by using the languages and codings. You could find out the simple videos too where you don’t get stuck with the coding embarrassment but directly the tricks and hacks.

#10 DedSec

Look at this channel on the Youtube and you will find multiple videos that contain the content regarding hacking trick tutorials, Ethical hacking, penetration testing methods etc. You cannot get about the channel itself just through reading about it, to know about the real power of this channel try it using any Youtube Browser!


And of course, there are numerous Youtube channels that you could use if you wish to learn ethical hacking  without any need to go for coaching institutes or classes. You can find a vast number of videos on these channels relating to the ethical hacking techniques and tricks and hence you may learn most out of these.




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