Ticketfly Ticket-Buying Site Has Been Offline For Days – 26 Million Customers Data Possibly Breached and Exposed

Event-ticketing company Ticketfly was still working to get back online Sunday, four days after a hacker reportedly hijacked the site and stole data from more than 26 million customers.

The breach apparently occurred Wednesday night, when a hacker took control of the site and demanded to be paid in bitcoin to release it. Last week, Vice’s Motherboard reported it communicated with someone claiming to be the hacker, who said they had asked Ticketfly for one bitcoin BTCUSD, -2.91%  (around $7,500 at the time) in exchange for sharing details about the site’s vulnerability. The ransom was not paid, and the hacker posted user data online. Ticketfly said it took the site offline as a security measure.

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John McAfee on His FBI iPhone Hack Offer

Here’s one that will be of interest to anyone that cares about computer security.  Maximum PC recently spoke to John McAfee, the antivirus creator who became infamous a few years ago for his adventures in Belize, about his recent offer to help the FBI break into the iPhone owned by the San Bernadino shooter. McAfee hopes that by hacking the phone himself, Apple will no longer be compelled to create a backdoor.

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