PayPal ‘You Sent A Payment To Kogan’ Phishing Scam Email


According to this email, which appears to be from PayPal, you have sent a payment of $299 (or $199) to Australian online department store Kogan. The email features the PayPal logo and emulates a genuine PayPal transaction notification email.

The email claims that you can click a ‘cancel transaction’ link to get a full refund if you did not authorize the payment to Kogan.

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VTech Data Breach: 200,000 Children Are Among Victims


A hacker claiming responsibility for the attack allegedly gained access to the gadget and toy company’s database through a technique known as a SQL injection, in which hackers type malicious commands into a website’s user text box, tricking it into returning other data. The hacker was then able to break into VTech’s web and database servers, where they had full system access.

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Hilton Worldwide Admits Credit Card Breach


Hilton Worldwide recently announced that it had discovered and removed malware designed to steal payment card information from restaurants, gift shops and other point-of-sale systems at some of its hotels.

Working with third-party forensics experts, law enforcement and payment card companies, Hilton says it determined that the malware specifically targeted cardholder names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiration dates. No addresses or PINs were accessed.

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‘Star Wars’ Emails Offering Free ‘Force Awakens’ Movie Tickets Is A Phishing Scam Test


At least one cybersecurity company is warning customers to watch out for emails claiming to give away free tickets for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in the coming weeks. The release date is two months away and, with tickets going for $100 each, hackers will try to take over fans’ computers by convincing them they can get into the theater without paying — or even waiting in line.

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Avoid Malicious eCards This Season


eCards (electronic or online greeting cards) have become very popular over the past few years. They provide a convenient, inexpensive and fun way to send greetings to friends and family – or if you run a business – your customers. eCards are especially popular for occasions celebrated by many people such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day – as well as for individual occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

However, as is the case with emails, you need to exercise care when you either receive or send an eCard, in case it is actually a disguise for some kind of scam.

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Credit Card Security: Swiping is out, Chips are in

We’re entering the busiest shopping season of the year, and after the many data breaches of years gone by, consumers, banks and retailers can rejoice with tidings of greater credit card security on the way.

You may have already received a card with the new microchip technology. However, only some retailers have new compatible card readers that let you “dip” your chip into the machine instead of swiping. (And new cards also have a magnetic stripe, for any purchase you make at a retailer using the older systems.) But — as of Oct. 1, 2015, retailers still using swipe readers are financially responsible for any credit card fraud, instead of the bank that issues the card. So you’ll see new machines more and more often.

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