Neiman Marcus Reports New Breach

A recent breach of customer accounts at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is, once again, putting the spotlight on the vulnerabilities created by relying only on usernames and passwords for online authentication. Until businesses and banking institutions start forcing consumers to use other types of authentication methods, such as biometrics, mobile verification codes and geo-location, merchants and banks can expect more hackers to breach customer accounts.

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4 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now So You Won’t Get Hacked

Cybercrime is a multibillion-dollar racket that affects corporations and individuals alike, but there are a few simple steps everyone can implement to protect against it.

“If you’re a target, which honestly most companies are, then you really have to depend on taking some basic measures,” says Kyle Lady, a research and development engineer with Duo Security.

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Good Riddance to Oracle’s Java Plugin

Good news: Oracle says the next major version of its Java software will no longer plug directly into the user’s Web browser. This long overdue step should cut down dramatically on the number of computers infected with malicious software via opportunistic, so-called “drive-by” download attacks that exploit outdated Java plugins across countless browsers and multiple operating systems.

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Fake TurboTax Emails Make The Rounds

Did you receive an email advising that TurboTax Online is currently unavailable?

If you did, it’s a scam. It’s one of many circulating this tax season targeted towards taxpayers. Other similar scam emails suggest that inactivity has led to a deactivation of your TurboTax account or that your refund cannot be deposited because of a problem with your bank account. You’ll see them, like all phishing scams reported to Intuit, posted at Intuit’s Online Security Center.

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Car Hacking: Software In A Song Can Be Used To Control Modern Vehicles

It seems everything can be hacked now, but researchers have discovered a method of car hacking using software embedded in a song. It might not work with all modern vehicles, but it has been done.

The culprit lies in what could be an overly complicated operating system most modern cars come equipped with. What used to be regulated with hoses and emission control fuses is now almost entirely regulated by an on-board computer. Through these controls, you can do everything from setting the temperature to checking the tire pressure, and even unlock all of the doors (including the garage) with one button.Continue Reading…

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