5 Steps to Protect Your Small Businesses From a Data Breach

In today’s Business climate there are many ways businesses face risks. Some businesses are in industries where they take risks just by being open for business. Take a roofing company for example. They have employees who climb on top of a house on a daily basis. That is a pretty big risk. Other businesses face risks in other ways like hiring and firing employees, generating enough revenue and becoming victim to a data breach. Data breaches are one of the most dangerous risks that many businesses fail to protect themselves from. It does not matter the size nor the scope of your business, hackers are targeting you.

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Credit Card Breaches Linked To Surveillance Cameras

It’s been a rough few years for retailers of every size as they continue the struggle against hacking events and data breaches. The estimate for 2015 breaches was that every compromised customer or employee record cost the business an average of $154 US. In one study of over 350 companies who’d suffered a data breach in that year, researchers found the average total cost per company to be $3.9 million.

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Cyber Tips for Older Americans

The Internet has brought us so many benefits; email, electronic messaging, and personal websites allow us to stay connected, informed, and involved with family and friends. The Internet also provides an easy way to shop, plan travel, and manage finances. However, with these increased conveniences comes increased risk. Just like any other public environment, the Internet requires awareness and caution. Just as you use locks to keep criminals out of your home, you also need safeguards to secure your computer.

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