Simple Online Data Security Tips to Follow Now

Cyber attacks are a relentless threat to any data security. A halfway decent hacker has almost immediate access to most people’s data at any given time. And data can be compromised right in front of a user’s face without them even realizing it. Hacking is so successful because attacks hit where people are least prepared. Thieves always go after the most vulnerable points of entry and take the most unexpected gains. Basically, no one can really predict where or what a hacker is targeting, so it makes prevention all that much tougher.

However, the fight is not lost. Any novice computer user can take these few simple steps to deter the majority of attacks. Vigilance is more important than know-how.

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Alert That Symantec, Norton Antivirus Products Could Let Hackers Hijack Computers 

Symantec and Norton are among the most popular security tools, but the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warns of critical flaws that could pose great risks.

A slew of corporate, government and personal computers are protected by Symantec, but are they really protected? Homeland Security believes there’s reason to worry, and has issued a warning this week.

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Just How Good Are “Windows” Scammers?

Three months of phone calls prove Windows scammers are more skilled at social engineering than you think.

“I am calling you from Windows.”

So goes the opening line of the well-known phone scam, where a person calls purporting to be a help desk technician reaching out to resolve your computer problems. These Windows scammers feed off people’s concerns about data breaches and identity theft to trick them into installing malware onto their machines. The scam has been netting victims for years, despite the fact that none of what the callers say makes sense.

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