Tales from the Encrypted: Ransomware Horror Stories

Scared of what users might unleash when they go “click” in the night?

You’re not alone. Recently IT pros with first-hand experience grappling with ransomware were asked to share their stories. The tales they told were equal parts frightening and enlightening. To save you the horror of going through what they did we’re sharing six of their most important lessons learned.Continue Reading…


Baystate Health in Springfield Reveals 13K Patients Potentially Affected

A “phishing” email scam that befell Baystate Health may have exposed the personal data of 13,000 patients.

Baystate announced the breach Friday, adding that it has no evidence any of the compromised information has been taken or abused. But the health system did start notifying potentially exposed patients via letters mailed late this week.Continue Reading…


How do Hackers Hack your Passwords?

Is your password strong enough? It is the only thing keeping your life private. In late 2012, a password-cracking expert unveiled a computer cluster that can cycle through as many as 350 billion guesses per second. It’s an almost unprecedented speed that can try every possible Windows passcode in the typical enterprise in less than six hours. He then used the machine to crack 90 percent of the 6.5 million password hashes belonging to users of LinkedIn. In addition to the power of his hardware, his attack was aided by a 500 million-strong word list and a variety of advanced programming rules.Continue Reading…


Why What Happened to the Internet Last Week Matters

Somebody finally did what internet experts have been fearing for years.

That somebody was able to manipulate millions of internet-connected dumb devices, like surveillance cameras and DVRs, possibly by getting into their automatic software updates or simply by guessing the devices’ default passwords. Once that password is known — most are never changed, and some may even be hard-coded so they can’t be — virtually all the devices of that type can be accessed and turned into bots.

Continue Reading…


Top Most Effective Attack Methods

Researchers for the new ‘Hacker’s Playbook’ analyzed 4 million breach methods from an attacker’s point of view to gauge the real risks today to enterprises.

No organization is immune to the risk of a data breach. Security leaders who want to assume the strongest protection must analyze their security posture from a hacker’s point of view to understand risk, validate security controls, and prioritize resources. Continue Reading…


Potential CalOptima PHI Data Breach Affects 56K Members

Recent cases of data security incidents, some including possible PHI data breaches, involve employees downloading data, a ransomware attack, and a cybersecurity incident.

The California health system CalOptima is reporting a potential PHI data breach stemming from an August 17, 2016 incident. This is the second data security incident CalOptima has reported in the last month.Continue Reading…


Are You Afraid of Getting Hacked, But Not Doing Much About It?

A hack at Sony Pictures that exposed more than 170,000 emails in 2014 derailed a much-hyped film’s release and prompted a months-long industry freakout. A hacking incident at Yahoo now threatens to derail a sale to Verizon. WikiLeaks’ releases of Democratic officials’ hacked private emails are providing near-endless fodder for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.Continue Reading…