Warn Employees Against “AdultFriendFinder” Scams

KnowBe4 sent out an urgent alert this morning, warning organizations of 2016’s largest data breach of the adult dating and entertainment company Friend Finder Network exposing more than 412 million accounts, including over 15 million “deleted” records that were not purged from the databases. The exfiltrated records included 339 million accounts from AdultFriendFinder.com, which the company promotes as the “world’s largest sex and swinger community.”Continue Reading…


Tesco Bank Hacking Is a Warning to All Businesses

Tesco Bank’s online hacking attack has prompted the boss of a north-east IT firm to issue a stark warning that cybercrime must be taken seriously by businesses of all sizes.

Austen Clark, managing director of Clark Integrated Technologies, based at Auchterless, between Fyvie and Turriff, said small and medium-sized enterprises were just as vulnerable as big companies.Continue Reading…


Why It Matters That People Can Hack Your Lightbulbs

In a recent report titled, IoT Goes Nuclear, security researchers explain the security flaw found in Philips Hue smart bulbs. Having the option to hack these tiny computers from over 200 yards away is very worrisome. Once the hack is successful, the lights are tricked into accepting a malicious firmware update, which allows hackers to take full control of the bulbs and its internal components.Continue Reading…


3 Business Threats to Watch Out For on Social Media

For marketers, investing in social media means exposure; exposure to new prospects, exposure to new followers and influencers, exposure for the brand, and exposure to a significant return on investment (ROI).

All signs point to a continued investment in social media for just about every industry. According to a study of CMOsby Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, chief marketing officers (CMOs) in enterprise organizations will spend nearly 11 percent of budget on social media in 2016 and nearly 23 percent by 2020.Continue Reading…


Habitat for Humanity Data Breach: More Than 5,000 People Exposed

A massive data breach earlier this month at Habitat for Humanity exposed the personal information of thousands of individuals, including their Social Security numbers.

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan’s virtual hard drive backups, which contained more than 400GB of information, were discovered online by an Austin-based security researcher in early October. The data is said to have contained hundreds of background and credit check profiles, in addition to roughly 4,600 individual profiles, all of which included Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information.Continue Reading…


Over 3.2 Million Debit Cards May Have Been Compromised, Says National Payment Corporation of India

A total of 3.2 million debit cards across 19 banks may have been compromised as a result of a suspected malware attack. The breach, possibly largest of its kind in India, was confirmed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) in a statement today. The problem was brought to NPCI’s attention via complaints from banks informing the agency that their customers’ cards were used fraudulently, mainly in China and USA, while customers were in India, according to the statement.Continue Reading…


Electronics Buyback Scam Taken Offline

It seems like manufacturers are coming out with new smartphones, tablets and other devices at a faster clip year after year. People who upgraded and were looking to get some money back for their old devices may have been tempted by some websites that promised to pay top dollar. As a result of the lawsuit filed by the FTC and the State of Georgia, a federal court just put a stop to one company running several buyback websites because it wasn’t keeping up its end of the bargain.Continue Reading…