Hacker’s Tool of the Month: The Rubber Ducky

What could you do if you only had a few seconds or minutes at someone’s computer? Turns out a lot, if you have a Rubber Ducky USB drive and it works on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android systems. With pre-loaded scripts you can steal and crack windows system passwords, grab Wifi or network credentials, upload malware, keystroke loggers or just about anything else a skilled hacker could do if he had access to your computer, but in only seconds. It was recently used on Mr. Robot for just that purpose.

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43 Million Passwords Hacked in Last.fm Breach

43,570,999 user accounts were breached in a hack of Last.fm that occurred in March of 2012, according to a report from LeakedSource.

The number of passwords and the severity of the hack were not uncovered until today. The passwords were stored using unsalted MD5 hashing. Rather than storing passwords in plaintext, nearly every site that stores critical user information utilizes some form of hashing. Hashing is a method for encrypting data, but some methods are far superior to others.

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Defcon deals: Five hacking tools for $100 or less

Are you a hacker on a budget? Fear not, for at Defcon, you can still pick up some powerful tools of the trade — and some fairly silly ones — for a reasonable price.

The annual conference attracts good and bad hackers alike to Las Vegas, where they can learn new skills and watch others explain how they hacked into everything from an air traffic control system to an internet-connected adult toy.

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