Anonymous Messaging: Is Kik Safe for Your Children?

While chat rooms and the risk of children being pursued by predators online may seem like a thing of the past, this threat is still alive and well. In fact, it’s only gotten harder to detect with the advancement of technology, thanks to things like popular social media sites and messaging apps. As The New York Times pointed out, one of those messaging apps in particular, called Kik, has been linked to online predators more than once, which should set off alarms for parents everywhere. Because safety has been called into question over Kik on numerous occasions, it’s important as a parent to know what exactly the app is, how it works and whether or not you should allow your children to use it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Make Fun of Mark Zuckerberg’s Password

Mark Zuckerberg suffered a major breach of privacy on June 5 when hackers gained access to his personal social media accounts.  Many people criticized the Facebook CEO’s simple password — “dadada” — as well as the fact he reused the same password across multiple services.

While Zuckerberg’s choices may not follow experts’ recommended security practices, they reflect the norms of cybersecurity more than an extreme case of negligence. If anything, the revelation should prompt the general public and businesses to take a look in the mirror and evaluate their own cybersecurity hygiene.

Suffice it to say, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t alone in his poor password choices.

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Hackers Could Have Changed Facebook Messenger Chat Logs

Here’s a Facebook hack straight from the pages of the novel 1984: A way to rewrite the record of the past.

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,” went the ruling party’s slogan in George Orwell’s dystopian novel.

Security researchers have found a way to control the past, by altering Facebook’s logs of online chats conducted through its website and Messenger App.

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Self-Driving Cars and Cybersecurity: What Are The Risks of Car Hacking?

Can hackers get into the driver’s seat in autonomous vehicles? The short answer here is a resounding “Yes!” Just last year, researchers/hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek exploited a security issue with the mobile Wi-Fi system available in some Fiat-Chrysler products: They demonstrated they could use a laptop to take control of key vehicle systems in a Jeep Cherokee. Not only were they able to change the audio volume, adjust the air conditioning, and turn on the windshield wipers, they gained control over the transmission — bringing the car to a stop on the highway.

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Why You Might Want to Put a Strip of Tape On Your Laptop Camera

If you have anything to hide from the internet at large — including your naked body — you might want to cover up your laptop camera.

As hacking scandals and schemes show up more and more often in the news, it can feel like there’s no real way to keep yourself safe. Luckily, when it comes to someone trying to hack your laptop camera, there’s one thing you can use that’s simple, inexpensive, FBI-approved and will do the trick completely: a piece of tape.

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