Do You Have a False Sense of IT Security?

Moving from a false sense of security to actual security requires action. While employing perimeter measures and accounting for the unpredictable human element in a security solution are large parts of a comprehensive plan, the best plan is one that assumes a breach, hack or disaster will happen.

By being prepared, IT security rests on actionable and tangible plans instead of just the hope that a breach won’t happen. Replacing that false sense of security with real solutions is a constant work in progress, but there are some basic things every IT team can do.Continue Reading…

Work-at-Home Jobs: Often Laundering Stolen Money for Hackers

Hackers who raid corporate bank accounts often launder stolen funds by depositing them in accounts owned by “money mules,” people recruited through work-at-home job scams. The mules are usually instructed to wire the stolen funds to the scammers. Increasingly, however, the mules are being directed to send the funds using bitcoin ATMs, according to KrebsOnSecurity.Continue Reading…

The Social Security Scam You Need to Tell People About

According to the Detroit Free Press, seniors in several states have received a notice about a “referendum on Social Security” in their mailbox from an organization called the American Service Council. The letter includes a voting form and requests a donation of $16.45 or more to fight “Washington Insiders” who say that seniors do not need Social Security and already have enough money for retirement without it.Continue Reading…

Apple Takes Backwards Step with iOS 10 Roll Out

After the iPhone encryption battle between Apple and the FBI, Apple was inspired to work toward making an unhackable future iPhones by implementing stronger security measures even the company can’t hack.

Even at that point the company hired one of the key developers of Signal — one of the world’s most secure, encrypted messaging apps — its core security team to achieve this goal.

But it seems like Apple has taken something of a backward step.

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