red canary cybersecurity

Red Canary – Defend Against Threats

Stop modern adversaries with Red Canary.  Trusted around the world, this company helps defenders prepare for, identify, and eradicate rapidly evolving threats.

Threat Detection

Red Canary continuously monitors and analyzes your endpoints, users, and network activity while in search of threatening behaviors, patterns, and signatures.

Expert Investigation

Red Canary detection engineers triage and investigate every potential threat to identify true threats and eliminate the burden of false positives. 

Empowered Response

Confirmed detections alert your team and provide detail and actionable context. Rapidly respond regardless of where affect systems are located.

Tools to Empower You

Winning security teams are resilient. Vigilant. Prepared for whatever comes their way. They’re quick to respond and they continuously research and improve. Learn how Red Canary’s cloud-based service helps defenders to prepare for, identify, and eradicate threats.

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