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Russian Suspects Caught and Escorted Out of the Netherlands

Cyber warfare is going on and citizens are getting caught in the crossfire.

Four Suspects

Four Russian GRU agents have been expelled from the Netherlands after their attempt to infiltrate the Organization of Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Fingers are being pointed at Russian intelligence for the cyberattacks by independent hacking groups, but Russia denied all these statements. These men were also charged with wire fraud, identity theft, and money laundering.

What Happened?

The four suspects were in the Netherlands in a car, by the Marriot hotel which is adjacent to the OPCW office, attempting to hack into their WiFi network.

The equipment in the car was pointed at the OPCW, intercepting login details.  When they were caught, one of the men tried to dismantle one of the mobile phones they were using.  There was a receipt found on the device for a taxi to take them to the airport, fleeting for Switzerland.  The four suspects never made it as they were escorted out of the country.

Additional Details

According to CNN, Russia and China have been exploiting the internet to distort our information economy, steal secrets, and disrupt operations as well as investigations.

It is easy to conduct malicious activity online, discretely compromising security, posing as an independent hacker or even a different nation-state behind an attack.

Russia and China are deemed as one of the most prolific hackers.  Their techniques are a highly effective form of information and warfare.

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