Aspire Health Phish Attack

Aspire Health Hacked By Phishing Scheme

A large Nashville healthcare company, Aspire Health, fell victim to a phishing attack which led to compromised patient health information.

A hacker infiltrated Aspire Health with a phish email, one of the most basic forms of corporate hacking.  A phishing attack involves fraudulent emails that use false pretenses with intentions to obtain private information, such as login credentials.

The hacker was able to gain access to the healthcare’s email system and began to forward 124 emails to an external email account.

These emails included information such as “confidential and proprietary information and files” and “protected health information,” according to the court records.

“Aspire takes the security of its data and the personal information of its patients very seriously,” Cory Brown, Aspire’s chief compliance officer, states. “Aspire is now working through the legal process to determine if any Aspire information was ultimately accessed by a third-party.”

Details still remain unknown as to how many patients have been exposed and what type of information was compromised. An investigation is currently taking place, trying to find the hacker responsible for this cyber attack.

Aspire Health began to notify some of the patients that may have been affected by the email breach. Patients that are concerned may reach Aspire’s 24-hour helpline: 615-346-8468.

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