Malware Remover

Fix Me Stick — Malware Removing USB

Oh NO! You just ran a system scan and MALWARE was found on your computer! Don’t panic, Fix Me Stick is here to assist!

As you may have heard on Leo Laporte (The Tech Guy), Fix Me Stick is the best selling virus removal device.  It is smart, simple, and a safe way to clean your computer and keep it clean.  Just plug in the USB device into your computer before you turn it on, and let it do the rest.

The Fix Me Stick hunts down infections, even the ones that may have snuck past your antivirus software, clearing them from your computer. You can scan your computer as many times as you please and use it up to three PCs for one year to eliminate threats.

With automatic updates, Fix Me Stick is self-reliant as it connects wirelessly to networks to stay up to date. No software installation, conflicts, or passwords to slow down your computer.

Key Features Include:
  • Easy to use
  • Updates itself automatically
  • No software installation
  • 1-year subscription with a renewal option
  • Does not interfere with your anti-virus software
  • Is not a replacement for anti-virus software
  • Works while your PC is running
  • Made for Windows devices only

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