Triout Android Malware

Security researchers just uncovered an Android malware that attackers turn legitimate apps into spyware with extensive surveillance capabilities.  This malware is labeled as Triout and it gains capabilities to watch infected devices.


This malware has features to spy on the infected device by recording phone calls, monitoring text messages, stealing photos and videos, and collecting location data – all without the users’ awareness.  Triout has powerful surveillance capabilities and sends information back to the hacker.

Functions of Triout

Operations of Triout include:

  • Recording every phone call, saving it in the form of a media file, and then sending it together with the caller id to a remote C&C server.
  • Logging every incoming SMS message to the remote C&C server.
  • Sending all call logs (with name, number, date, type, and duration) to the C&C server.
  • Sending every picture and video to the attackers whenever the user snaps a photo or record video, either with the front or rear camera.
  • Capability to hide on the infected device.

The Attackers

At this point, there isn’t any evidence toward the attackers as far as who they are and where they are. What we do know are that the attackers are highly skilled and have resources.

The best act of precaution is to only get apps from Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS Store. Only stick to verified developers! Think twice before granting any app permission to read your messages, call logs, GPS coordinates, and other data.

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