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Viruses, Malware, and Security Flaws on Apple?! Oh My…

There’s no such thing as a 100% safe computer, and this implies to Apple computers as well.  A system believed to be immune to viruses and malware, has a list of its very own attacks and security threats.

While it is true that Macs are more secure than PCs, they’re still vulnerable to online threats.  

Crossrider aka OSX/Shlayer

Mac users are being warned of this adware that poses as Adorbe Flash Player installer.  The fake Flash Player installer releases a copy of Advanced Mac Cleaner which notifies the user in Siri’s voice that there’s a problem on the system.

After removing the Advanced Mac Cleaner, Safari’s homepage will still be locked as a Crossrider-related domain, which cannot be changed.  Malwarebytes explains here how to remove the profile.


This program allows the installation of a new root certificate to intercept encrypted communications, performing a variety of odious actions such as man-in-the-middle traffic.

It can take screenshots, execute commands, as well as download and upload files.  Check your DNS settings on your Mac, and if you see the addresses and, your Mac may be infected. Unfortunately, there isn’t an antivirus program that can detect this malware.

Meltdown & Spectre

These malware allows hackers to steal data, involving a rogue data cache load which enables them to read kernel memory.  Spectre could potentially make items in the kernel memory available to user processes, such as being exploited in JavaScript.

There are many threats targetting Apple computers.  It is best to stay aware than become a victim. Keep your systems updated and be slow to click.  Run malware scans and pay attention when your computer seems to be acting up.

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