We want to hear from you

We Want to Hear From YOU

Here at Prilock, we are constantly researching the latest data breach, how hackers plan their attacks, new phishing schemes, malware to beware of, among other cybersecurity concerns. BUT we want to hear from you.

Tell us your story.  Have you been a victim of a phish email?  Did someone steal your identity? Were you convinced of a hacker’s scam?

Every day, we hear new stories of companies getting invaded when it also happens to our friends and neighbors.  These attacks can take years to resolve for both businesses as well as in personal lives.

Prilock is offering our Security Awareness Training (SAT) platform to the first 25 people who share their stories with us! Our SAT provides online safety measures as well as phish test emails so you can see how the hacker sets up traps and avoid them with ease. Our SAT helps users worldwide to secure their digital lives, and so can you.

Please email your submissions to social@prilock.com explaining your story in 500 words or less.

Stay aware and online secure!