GameStop Settlement for a Six-Month Long Data Breach

GameStop Corp. has reached a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit from customers whose personal information was compromised in a six-month-long data breach at the Texas-based video game retailer.

Plaintiffs attorneys said in court papers, filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, that GameStop has agreed to pay up to $235 to each plaintiff for a range of potential costs resulting from the breach, which exposed customers’ credit and debit card numbers to fraud and identity theft. Under the proposed settlement, class members who suffered the most harm would receive as much as $10,000 to cover “extraordinary expenses.”

In exchange for the cash payments, GameStop would be released from all claims relating to the breach, according to the document.

The filing was the first step toward resolving the nearly 10-month-old suit, which accused the Texas-based company of negligence in failing to protect sensitive card information online and in its stores. The settlement would need to receive preliminary approval from U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III before it could receive a fairness hearing.

If approved, class members would be notified about the settlement and have the opportunity to decide whether to participate or to opt out.

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