Your Phone is Worth More Than You Realize

Small, portable valuable electronic items such as gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers can be attractive items to opportunistic thieves – but you can take steps to protect your property.

These items aren’t just valuable due to their cash value, but can also have information stored on them such as personal details and banking information.

Remember that if information of this nature falls into the wrong hands it can be used to commit further offences such as fraud or identity theft.

To prevent becoming a victim of theft with regard to computers, tablets and similar items, please consider the following crime prevention security tips:

*             Record the manufacturer, model, and serial number and file this information in a safe place.

*             Consider using an alternative bag to transport your laptop/tablet.

*             Attach a security cable to the universal security slot (USS) and secure to a fixed object where possible.

*             Engrave your driver’s licence number prefixed by the letter ‘S’ for South Australia. For example, with a driver’s licence number of 12345, S12345.

*             Remove and safely store dongles and external hard drives.

*             When at home, store the laptop/tablet away in a secure location.

*             Never leave your laptop/tablet visible in your vehicle.

*             Always take the laptop/tablet as hand luggage when travelling and when placing it through airport security, maintain constant observation.

*             Set a login password, using a secure password, sufficiently cryptic and not easy to guess.

Mobile phones:

*             Always keep your phone details, such as your bills and contract safe and secure.

*             Keep your mobile phone out of sight when not in use.

*             When in a public place, don’t leave your phone unattended.

*             Secure your phone at all times in a bag or front pocket of your pants.

*             When talking on your mobile phone, be alert and aware of your surroundings.

*             Do not leave your phone unattended in a vehicle.

*             Ensure your mobile phone has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) activated.

If your phone is stolen:

*             Contact your network provider to disable the SIM card. Quote your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

*             To obtain your IMEI number press *#06# to display the number on the screen.

*             Report the theft to police.

Laptops, phones and tablets:

Many electronic devices now have the capability of being tracked should they be lost or stolen. For example, the Apple iPhone (and iPad) using the “Find my iPhone” app is capable of being tracked by the owner. Similar apps are available to download for Android and Windows based phones, however many older mobiles don’t have this capability.

The public are reminded not to track their stolen phone by themselves, but to do it in conjunction with police to avoid potentially placing themselves in personal danger.



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