Phishing Scams to Look Out for

Do you know when emails are legitimate and when they are phishing scams?
Check out the following examples so you don’t fall for them.

Emails from USPS

usps phish email
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This email appears to be from the United States Postal Service and gets your attention with a “failed delivery” subject line. The body of the email tells you that all the information is in the attached shipping label. The attachment is sure to be malware of some sort – do not open the attachment and delete immediately. Contact USPS directly if you have questions about any shipments.


Emails from Netflix

netflix phishing scam
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This one will tell you they were unable to bill your membership and to click the link to update your information. It will take you to a fake website where you will enter your credit card information but you won’t be giving it to Netflix. It will go to a hacker instead! Don’t click the link. Go directly to the Netflix website if you have any concerns about your account.



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