Phishing Scams to Look Out for

Do you know when emails are legitimate and when they are phishing scams?
Check out the following examples so you don’t fall for them.

2016 Olympic Games Promotion Emails

Phishing EmailThe content of the messages is standard: the lottery was held by the official organization, the recipient’s address was randomly selected out of millions of email addresses, to receive the win it is necessary to respond to the email and provide the specified personal information. Emails with attached files are especially dangerous because a user is likely to open the attachment to learn about the content, which can result in malware infection.

Email Notices to Appear in Court

phishing emailThese emails are designed to trick recipients into installing malware. The attachment contains a malicious .exe file hidden inside a .zip file. The subject line, the name of the clerk, the city where the hearing will supposedly be held, and other details may vary in different incarnations of the scam email. If you receive one of these emails, do not open any attachments or click any links that it may contain.

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