phishing scams

Phishing Scams to Look Out for

Do you know when emails are legitimate and when they are phishing scams?
Check out these examples so you don’t fall for them.

Emails/Messages from Facebook

According to this email or Facebook message, there is forbidden content and your account is at risk of being closed. It requests that you click a link to perform an ‘Instant Verification’ to deal with the issue. The link takes you to a fake page where you enter all your login credentials which gives them to the hacker. Don’t get tricked!

facebook phishing scams

Email Scams from Apple

This email claims your Apple ID has been suspended and you must click the link to verify your account. Don’t click the link! If you click and enter your credentials on the following fake page, the hacker now has your information and they know that chances are, that same email and password are used at many other sites you use.phishing scams