Business and Vacation Travel Tips

Here are some key tips to review before business or vacation travel.

Never use your password or login information on computers located in hotel lobbies or business centers. They are often infected with keystroke loggers that record every keystroke and send them to the hacker.

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) software that encrypts your WiFi communications. We listed some below.

Remove critical files before you leave and update your operating systems and programs with the latest security patches.

Remember, all free public WiFi is easily compromised by the bad guys. This means you must take extra care even for a quick web search. Coffee shops, airports, train stations, virtually any free public WiFi should be assumed to be infected. Like talking to someone with a bad cold, you can talk but you must be careful or risk a terrible infection.

Store your computers and tablets in the trunk of your car for maximum safety. Place them there before you arrive at your destination so thieves don’t see you put them there.

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