Ticketfly Ticket-Buying Site Has Been Offline For Days – 26 Million Customers Data Possibly Breached and Exposed

Event-ticketing company Ticketfly was still working to get back online Sunday, four days after a hacker reportedly hijacked the site and stole data from more than 26 million customers.

The breach apparently occurred Wednesday night, when a hacker took control of the site and demanded to be paid in bitcoin to release it. Last week, Vice’s Motherboard reported it communicated with someone claiming to be the hacker, who said they had asked Ticketfly for one bitcoin BTCUSD, -2.91%  (around $7,500 at the time) in exchange for sharing details about the site’s vulnerability. The ransom was not paid, and the hacker posted user data online. Ticketfly said it took the site offline as a security measure.

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Possible Data Breach May Affect 30,000 Arizona Utility Customers

A possible data breach has left some 30,000 Goodyear utility customers vulnerable. The City says it learned Monday about an apparent issue with its bill pay systems when a customer informed city officials of fraudulent activity on their bank account.

“We took immediate action and shut down the online payment system,” says Sherine Zaya, a spokeswoman for the City of Goodyear.Continue Reading…

Octoly Breach Leaks Details of 12k Social Media Influencers

According to the breach analysis blog, UpGuard, more than 12 thousand social media stars were exposed during the data leak at a marketing firm Octoly which was a consequence of an unsecured Amazon Server. The Paris-based marketing agency aimed to connect influencers with top brands across the world by supplying beauty products in exchange for reviews on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.Continue Reading…

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